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The Optimist: A legendary space


A legendary space

A new restaurant opens in Hong Kong on lively Hennessy Road. The food is inspired by Spanish cuisine and the design materials are from Porcelanosa Group. Designer Rocío Martínez Amoedo is behind this interior design project in China filled with textures, geometric shapes and chiaroscuros.

Spanish design has been gaining ground around the world for some years now, particularly in China via gastronomy and interior design. Much of this is due to individual projects with a strong character that will outlive fads and short-term trends. Hong Kong is an international hub in constant motion, with a mixture of cultures that cannot easily compare to that of other big cities; the high number of expatriates from so many countries living here is noticeable in this city that is the least Chinese city of all. Spaniards and their outstanding projects are no exception. It was here, on lively Hennessy Road, where last September The Optimist restaurant opened. Its name evokes a very Spanish nature, a joy for living and a positive way of creating bonds and socialising. And this is precisely the culinary message and the atmosphere that pervades this restaurant.

The flavours of the north of Spain are captured in the delicious dishes it offers, in particular thanks to its long list of grilled fish. A cuisine based on daily and seasonal market produce: this is how it is defined by its interior design for which Christian and Manuel were set on having the designer Rocío Martínez Amoedo as they do for all their projects.

Rocío’s professional career began in London when she collaborated with GMW Architects. Subsequently, after a stint collaborating with Teresa Sapey, Pascua Ortega and Touza Arquitectos in Madrid, she started working freelance on a number of projects, including Lobby Market and Lola&Co (amoedoprojects). In 2014, she began to work mainly in Asia. Her first project in Asia was a Spanish restaurant in Haikou (China) with Ortiz León Arquitectos, going on to design for the Pirata Group in Hong Kong that includes The Optimist restaurant. At the heart of the concept of this restaurant there is a key element that strongly influences the ambiance created: light. A soft light, with nuances achieved by the latticework that provides a touch of mystery – a connection with traditional Oriental chiaroscuros, together with the relief of the ceramics that are evident throughout the interior design.

TEXT BY: Marisa Santamaría

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